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8/3/2015 - CONGRATULATIONS TO Linda Solomon for winning the Gay G. Cox Collaborative Law Award! Harry Tindall, last years award winner presented this award to Linda.

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3/19/2015 - Update on Houston Volunteer Lawyeres Pilot Pro Bono Collaborative Program: Though collaborative law has been in Texas for more than fourteen years, helping a great number of couples settle divorces outside of the courtroom, it has typically been too costly for low-income couples to utilize. A group of lawyers in Houston, led by Norma Trusch and Jack Emmott, are looking to change that, through a service that Houston Volunteer Lawyers has begun offering its clients. 

Norma and Jack’s committee, along with Alissa Rubin Gomez, Executive Director of HVL, have come up with strategies to streamline the process and make it more cost-effective, including a series of forms that clients fill out prior to the initial meeting, in order to focus the couples on arriving at a settlement within the designated time frame. The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas has generously licensed the use of its forms in this pilot program. Jack and Norma believe that the pilot program might have applications beyond pro bono services for low-income clients, helping make collaborative law even more affordable, accessible and expeditious for a larger segment of unserved consumers of legal services.

On Monday, November 10, 2014, Vinson & Elkins hosted the initial training of attorneys for HVL, the non-profit arm of the Houston Bar Association. The training was led by Norma Trusch, a longtime proponent and trainer of collaborative law. According to Ms. Gomez, divorce has been one of the most commonly-requested legal areas for clients seeking HVL's legal services since HVL opened its doors in 1981, but until now, it has not been able to offer those clients the collaborative option. Norma reviewed the history of collaborative law, the stages of the process and the notebook forms and other resources available to the attorneys and allied professionals who participate in the pilot program. Norma and Jack, along with Faith Wilson, a mental healthcare professional, and Kevin Pinkley, a financial advisor, participated in role plays to demonstrate to the HVL attorneys how the process works.  

In the Pilot Program, Houston Volunteer Lawyers is now offering divorcing couples the opportunity to schedule three two-hour meetings with collaboratively-trained lawyers in order to arrive at a settlement, with the option for additional meetings, if the participating lawyers are willing to extend the pro bono services. Jack and Norma have received commitments from experienced collaborative attorneys, Mental Healthcare Professionals and Financial Advisors to participate in this exciting pilot program.

The HVL’s Pilot Program has undertaken its first pro bono matter. HVL and Alissa Rubin  Gomez and Jack and Norma along with their committee are excited about the larger prospect of the Pro Bono Collaborative Law Project being taken statewide in the event this Houston Project proves successful.  We will be kept up to date by Jack.


3/6/2015 - Informed Consent and Collaborative Law Training Webinar now available on SBOT Website: Thanks to the work of several CLI-TX members, there's now a webinar covering Informed Consent and Collaborative Law Training as part of the State Bar of Texas' CLE offerings. To get more information on the course, visit this page on the State Bar of Texas' CLE page. 

2/12/2015 - Advanced Family Law Training dates for Houston are set: CLI-TX is pleased to announce that its upcoming Advanced Family Law Training course in Houston will be held March 26-27, 2015 with Winnie Huff, Honey Sheff, and Tracy Stewart -- representing each of the three collaborative law disciplines -- leading a full-day Thursday training and half-day Friday training. Click here for more information about topics and tuition rates (including the early bird rating ending March 5.  

11/10/2014 - Texas UCLA Lobby Fund: In 2011 the Texas Legislature enacted the Collaborative Family Law Act, relating to matters arising under the Family Code. In the 2015 Session of the Legislature, the Uniform Collaborative Law Act will be introduced as a new Chapter 161 in the Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code. The Act will extend the benefits and protections of the UCLA to Texas citizens who wish to use the collaborative process for resolving disputes in additional areas of law. The new Chapter 161 will not apply to family law matters which are governed by the Collaborative Family Law Act.

The proposed bill has been approved by the Texas Legislative Council, and fund raising efforts are underway to retain a lobbyist to assist in the enactment of this bill by the Legislature. Should you wish to contribute to this fund raising effort, checks should be made payable to Lawrence R. Maxwell, Jr., Trustee, Texas UCLA Lobby Fund, and mailed to Lawrence R. Maxwell, Jr. , 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 850, Dallas, Texas 75231. Contributions in any amount are most welcome.

For more information, contact Larry Maxwell,, 214-739-8900.

Enactment of the UCLA will benefit civil collaborative lawyers, family collaborative lawyers, and most importantly, our client community.

Drafting Committee members are Uniform Law Commissioners Harry Tindall
(Houston) and Peter Munson (Sherman), Harry Munsinger (San Antonio), Jack Emmott and Chloe Walker (Houston) Kevin Fuller, Anne Shuttee, Sherrie Abney, Robert Prather and Larry Maxwell (Dallas).

8/6/2014 - CONGRATULATIONS TO Harry Tindall for winning the Gay G. Cox Collaborative Law Award! Norma Levine Trusch presented this award to Harry stating:  "I can't think of anyone I know who is more passionately committed to transforming the conflict resolution process than our recipient today.  Our recipient received his first collaborative law training in November of 2000 and, within a year, had helped author and lobby the passage of the first collaborative law statute in the US.  Rolling up his sleeves, our recipient then spearheaded the writing of the Protocols of Practice for Collaborative Lawyers and over 50 forms for the use of collaborative professionals.  In 2002 our recipient decided that the entire country needed a collaborative law statute and approached the IACP in Galveston to support the drafting of a Uniform Collaborative Law Act.  Due to his dedication the UCLA was drafted and passed in 2009.  Since then he has been dedicated to assist in passage of the act throughout the US.  The Texas version was passed in 2011, and versions of the Act are now the law in eleven states. The award also recognizes a recipient who exemplifies the highest standards of proessionalism and ethics.  Nobody I know exemplifies those standards more than our recipient today."

Harry - Gay Cox Award 2014.jpeg

4/29/2014: Collaborative Law-Start to Finish is designed to educate family lawyers, law students, mental health professionals, financial professionals, and anyone interested in learning about the collaborative law process, on how to handle a collaborative case, step-by-step, from beginning to end.  

Collaborative-Web-Image.png More information and order information HERE

8/2014: CLI-TX has teamed up with Lawyers Weekly Books to give you 20% off on dozens of practical family law books that will make handling your cases and running your firm much easier. You can now save 20% on the new edition of Pauline Tesler’s “Collaborative Law,” and lots of other great books. 

This offer is good for a limited time, so click here now to see all the great books and save 20% thanks to your membership in CLI-TX. If you have any difficulty with these links or any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the following:

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8/6/2013:  CONGRATULATIONS TO Norma Levine Trusch for winning the Gay G. Cox Collaborative Law Award!


The Collaborative Law Institute established an annual award in honor of Gay G. Cox that was presented at the Advanced Family Law Conference this year.  We solicited nominations for this year's recipient from a list of criteria as follows:

The GAY G. COX COLLABORATIVE LAW AWARD was established by the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas in 2013 to honor and celebrate Gay G. Cox as an outstanding and extraordinary lawyer who dedicated her professional and personal life to the peaceful resolution of conflict, and served as an inspiration to all who knew her.

The annual recipient of this award is a CLI-Tx member:

Who is substantially involved in collaborative practice; Who devotes themselves fully to any task undertaken often going above and beyond the call of duty; Who exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and ethics; and Who is passionately committed to transforming the  conflict resolution process.


PLEASE NOTE: The following documents have now been added to the Practice Forms page of the members only side of this website - 10/23/2012
1. Short Form Highlights of Participation Agreement Team Model 2012.10.10
2. Short form Highlights of Participation Agreement Lawyer Only Model 2012.10.10
3. Family Violence Conflict Questionnaire 2012.10.10
4. Reasonable Steps to Address Family Violence Concerns 2012.10.10


Family Law Reporter - 1/17/2012
Houston attorneys and Collaborative Law Institute of Texas members Harry Tindall & Jennie Smith's article:
Collaborative Law: An Innovation Here to Stay.
Click here for Article


The American Bar Association will present a Lawyer as Problem Solver Award to Harry Tindall at the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Awards Luncheon in Washington, DC in April 2012.

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution established the Lawyer as Problem Solver Awards ten years ago to recognize individuals and organizations that use their legal skills in creative, innovative and often non-traditional ways to solve problems for their clients and within their communities. Past recipients have included Stu Webb and Pauline Tesler, Forrest "Woody" Mosten, Basil Paterson, Bennett Picker, Andrew Schepard, the Boston Law Collaborative,, the Innocence Project and the United States Air Force.

Harry Tindall has been a role model for lawyers who wish to transition from litigators to peacemakers. An attorney practicing family law in Texas for over 35 years, even before the addition of court-mandated ADR to family law matters, Mr. Tindall has focused much of his practice on negotiation and dispute resolution. He led the movement to enact the first Collaborative Law statute in the United States, which was passed by the Texas Legislature. He went on to lead the effort for approval of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in his capacity as a commissioner on the Uniform Law Commission.  He brings a wealth of lawyering experience to his efforts to solve problems endemic to family law by pressing for legislation that promote the use of mediation and arbitration in family cases, testifying in Congress for reform of child support laws, and assisting in drafting uniform laws on interstate child custody issues. He has served as Chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, President of the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists and Vice-Chair of the U.S. Commission on Interstate Child Support. He is the author of the leading treatise on Family Law in Texas (now in its 21st annual edition) and serves on the Board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


TBLS standards recognize collaborative cases - July 2011
The Family Law Advisory Commission has recommended including collaborative law cases in the standards. The Supreme Court has now approved the amended standards and they will go into effect in 2012


UCLA (Uniform Collaborative Law Act) - HB 3833 - approved by the Governor - June 17, 2011


Houston Chronicle - By: Amy Biancolli
August 15, 2011

Faith Wilson, an MHP and board member of CLI-Tx interviewed in this article.

Putting the Promise in Compromise: Mediation experts have some suggestions for the kids going back to school and the ones in Washington.


CLI-TX Welcomes the Collaborative Law Section
of the State Bar of Texas

Lawyers, let’s show our support by joining!

Go to “MyBarPage” and Join Online
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Go to the Star Bar of Texas website
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nd Click on “Application”


Harvard Law and Business Professor supports the Collaborative Approach

"I am wholly supportive of Collaborative Practice is textbook interest-based negotiation, a great illustration of what we try to teach our students here at Harvard.

"Too often people think of collaborative approaches as being soft and
concession-oriented, but in fact the research (experimental, theoretical,
case study) shows that collaborative approaches are better at "getting the
most marbles" than the traditional adversarial approaches."

Guhan Subramanian
Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School.
Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School


Check out weekly Podcast discussions on Collaborative Law TV

KDFW-TX (FOX) & KERA-FM  - 3/8/2011
Representatives Featured on both TV & Radio in the CLI-Tx Dallas-Fort Worth area
In connection with the Spring Conference 2011 event, representatives from the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas were featured on both TV and radio on Tues., March 8, 2011.  1. Curtis Harrison was scheduled for an interview at 7:35 a.m. on KDFW-TV (FOX) as part of its morning show.  2.  At noon, Curtis Harrison (Attorney), Linda Solomon (MHP) and Scott Clarke (FP) were intereviewed for a full one-hour segment (including listener call-ins) as part of KERA-FM's Think show, between noon and 1 p.m. 

Here is a link:


NPR Interview - 3/4/2010

Kevin Fuller, President of CLI-Tx & Kris Algert, in coming President of CLI-Tx were interviewed on March 3, 2010 for KUTFM Radio to discuss Collaborative Law.  Listen Here


Attached is the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in its final form.  Thanks to all of our collaborative friends that had a hand in getting this passed.

Click here for document


PRWeb Release - Check it out!

Neutral Professional Training Video for Sale: If you are interested in purchasing a Neutral Professional Training Video for $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling, please send a $25.00 check made payable to CLI-Tx with a note indicating that you want to purchase this video to:

Ronda Robinson
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